Alisha N. Richardson

Fan Art

Artwork inspired by existing TV, comic, and anime characters.

The Art Nouveau Series

The Princess and the Frog

Ink & Colored Pencil, 2023

The Soldier From the Mountains

Ink & Colored Pencil, 2023

I Am Moana of Motunui

Ink, Marker, and Colored Pencil, 2023


Digital Painting, 2023


Digital Painting, 2023

Lady Death

Digital Painting, 2021 (Updated 2023)

Other Fan Art


Ink, 2023

Klaus – The Umbrella Academy

Digital, 2021

Five and Dolores – The Umbrella Academy

Marker + Colored pencil, 2021


Ink, 2022

Gossamer – The Looney Tunes

Colored Pencil, 2021

K-9 and Marvin the Martian – The Looney Tunes

Colored Pencil, 2022

The Question

Ink, 2023

Ciel Phantomhive – Black Butler

Digital, 2021


Ink, 2023

Daisy Mae

Ink, 2023

Grand Rapids Comic-Con 2020/November 2021 Cover Art

Digital, 2020

Grand Rapids Comic-Con Spring Fling "Road Trip" 2023 Back Cover Art

Ink, 2023

Grogu Baby

Pencil, 2021